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Our names are Silvia and Lincoln. We met over ten years ago in Valencia, Spain. This is when we began to travel together. It all started with a simple three-hour train ride to Madrid for a long weekend and slowly ’snowballed’ from there.


Aside from the various trips we made over the years to visit family and friends in North America, we also had the opportunity to live in several parts of Spain. For instance, we lived in Valencia over 5 years, moved to the island of Majorca where we stayed about 4 years and Madrid where we resided for a year.

We got to Thailand in November 2012, spending a month in a rural region of the country volunteering. We then visited Cambodia for the holidays. Deciding that it might be a good place to live for a while, we moved over the border to Siem Reap, after a few additional weeks in Thailand. We lived there until June of 2014. Now after seven years, we are back in Valencia, Spain.

Our blog in large measure deals with our own varied and eclectic interests laid out in written and visual media. Anyone interested in different aspects of volunteer teaching or teaching in foreign places, general travel, history, native cultures and cuisine should be interested in the things we have to offer.

To put it simply, we deal with things that we are passionate about sharing, or curious about learning more of and we firmly believe that it shows through in what we do.

This blog is the result: Twice the Craziness, a Couple’s Adventures in Teaching, Travel, Culture and History.

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